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its continuity, and to the instances in which we are forced to suppose

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muscles of the glottis. To this we shall recur hereafter.) Here, too,

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this condition cannot be given with accuracy. If absorption of the

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be provided, and even the moderate employment of wine, " vintan lac

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shorten, or mitigate the paroxysms ; and, second, to take measures for

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hyperemia and oedema of the lung, upon the final exhaustion of the

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water much more freely. At this time (April 11, 1871) he

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the filled intestinal veins, and when the flow of blood from the splenic

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Examination of the urethra shows meatus contracted to Ko.

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and powerless as it is nowadays in the councils and destinies

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accompanied by pallor, tendency to syncope, retarded development of

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safeguard against error and mortifying postmortem disclosures. Pneu-

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Symptoms which would lead us to fear an unfavorable termination

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parenchyma of the liver is displaced by the parasites, and, when these

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upon every trifling occasion, consists in a varicose dilatation and thin-

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Wchsnch., (1897), 44, 150. — * Aktinomykose und Madurafuss. Deutsche

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began in 1888. Before the publication of his studies, such eminent

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competent, conscientious, and scientific observers, how it is to

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from the walls of the vesicles; their contents become liquefied, con-

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nasal catarrh, the capillaries of the nasal mucous membranes are sur-

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ing public, is so plain that it (iommands interest at once as

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be expected of them. But, if we know that the discharge of mucus

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In the deflection experiment, they (11) use 1 cubic centimeter of a 5 per cent

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we follow the old view, which considered the intercellular substance

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and Childe, F. L. A remarkable case of mycetoma. Lancet, (1894), 2,

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circumstance that it is also found in the bodies of children who showed

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decrepit people is an exoentric hypertrophy of the left side of the heart,

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In the treatment of arterial haemorrhage, which is well

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residua of food, is especially prone to run into gangrene, owing to the

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service in other forms of pulmonary gangrene than tEose which arise