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his special field of practice. To Dr. Reese belongs the distinction

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cases. It is related that on two occasions he had six cases within

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liver or olive oil), or, instead of the oily solution, the phosphorus may be

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tific subject having relation to homoeopathy. It is most desira-

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where he remained until the following April, occupying

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antidotes, Marshall "Hall's and Sylvester's methods of treating

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The Y ear-Book of Treatment for 1884. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers & Co.,

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some pathological theory : with them it is not the patient, but

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shone forth, with very satisfactory results, at the meeting of the

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dressings is fixed, being sewn to the linen bandage destined

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cluded from the British Medical Association, denied our rights

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ilar organizations. In 1898 he received the honorary degree of LL.D.

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is limited to the tuberosity when the firing has been antero-

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poured, while liquid on top flows freely — not urine, for this

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strong solution of carbolic acid (5 per cent.), or with

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of insufficiency, liimhar incision, search for the kidney, direct

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clothing, wounds that have remained a long time in contact

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Institute of Homoeopathy for Presentation to Congress, 1879. New Orleans, La.

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.\Vv J,.'-:- J/,,// '. .\;-:.'<. r.-..,o. "Spinal Myelitis in

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overlooked ; viz , the want of physiological and mental rest.

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not believe in the existence of a true scrofulous diathesis ; and,

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tor," who " talks' 8 ' so delightfully of late in the pages of the

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F Whitney's Point, New York, January 27, 1809, son of Col. Ebby

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whole thickness do not imperil the function of the most

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leaders, have adopted the drug as a domestic cure-all. Wherever

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annual and special meetings, and also the meetings of the

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We cannot imagine employment of any other apparatus.

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him the Tincture, Spirit and Extract of this Root in all his Liq-

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Without dwelling any more at length on this subject, I must

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are really a very mild form of the genuine inflammatory disease. Yet in our

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upwards, as in cases in which hills, buildings, or houses are

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arsenicum, veratrum album, phosphorus, nux vomica, and creosote ;

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and superficially situated, the method may prove of some service,

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tables and animals. " There is," says Beale, " no possibility of

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rail so firmly that considerable force had to be employed to

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and third class, from which the haemorrhage, though not so