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system of fibres and ganglion cells which unite the motor centres iji the

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of ascitic fluid ultimately exhausted the patient. Dr. Foulis showed

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reference to this circumstance still exist in many places.

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tracted kidneys but lead gout is comparatively rare. Gouty deposits are

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feelings of lassitude and disinclination to exertion

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evident that if small amounts of metathrombin were present in

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Dr. Katzenbaoh had a female patient who had come under

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cerned they were evidently those found in subacute

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fixed and develops the larval form. The head assumes a shape like that

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trol disinfection of premises and those leading points only which are still

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If artificial feeding becomes necessary the nurse is responsible for the

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ther. In what manner the uterus and in particular the ova

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The pancreas extract was obtained by chopping finely fresh pig

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he had become impatient and restless. The general health was in

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prepared from material which has been treated with anti

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chest simulating pleurodynia or pleurisy the animal groaning if

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the sea. It is sometimes called sea scurvy as pui pura is exiled

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land a graduate of three universities and retired after years practice he

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sion into the peritoneal sac. There was at this time

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a wonderful tolerance. The opium habit becomes a disease and this dis

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nature of things aflford a satisfying account of the progress of medi

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opened. The newspaper press of the city reported the meeting

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viflionary ligature over a compre B in the axillary

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whole free of postage for Six Dollars per annum in advance.

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it is suggested that they are due to trophic influences.

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Most of us I suspect reacted as Dr. Fletcher did we

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fever follow a certain march with considerable regularity but

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expressions of disease. In childhood they are observed as maladies are brought

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done much to promote a cordial feeling of affectionate unity between

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hanging from the side bar in Fig. A. When thus fastened elongation

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intense poisoning has resulted the organisms are not necessarily present

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city is probably about. An eminent physician educated as

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course in the arts at Hamilton College while I had run away

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The work of the year is closed its record is made. If during

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