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the galvanic cuiTent was powerful, the suffering was
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endeavoured to rectify the evil by diet and exercise,
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case-rolls are generally unworthy of confidence, inas-
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quent diminution or loss of its protecting power, in
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advanced age, particularly in the presence of any lung disease, espe-
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Lewinsky in his experiments upon dogs, in securing not sudden but
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was desirable, particularly as cool air was the natural
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combined affection of the mitral and aortic valves, and also stenosis
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course of a chronic infection like syphilis, or they may creep on
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attention to trifling ailments than their immediate
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In the year 18C4, relief was afforded to COOO in-patients, including
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mamma?, removal of tumours, hernia, castration, cuts
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tines alone seem ill protected by the walls of the ab-
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mel, and ice-cold water to drink, were the best treat-
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becomes chronic, or at least the lesions which have been left remain
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1831, reported a case of inflammation of the internal membrane of the
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Dr. Todd carried the hypothesis to an absurd length,
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