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great artery of the limb, still t!ie circumstances of the wound

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reason, could be cultivated. If they possessed these social qualities

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In young animals there is a cartilaginous condition of

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collapse, asphyxia, or in any urgent condition of this kind, whether

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destroyed with the Surgeon-Generars effects at the surrender, the

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* Is tliis M local survival of the confusion belAVfrii iiitlut uza and ague, so

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the ends of the bone are made to b(! alongside of each

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The author of this short treatise is the Instructor in Massage

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possessing conclusiveness, to assign to the cerebellum the instinct

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because it is made up in such a manner that two of these soloids will afford

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during contraction from the action of the general intra-

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The attack is rarely accompanied by a distinct chill, but chilly sensa tions,

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Magnus Huss, and other writers following him, seemed to

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region. Some days or weeks later we are told of pain at the injured spot, with

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bably due to secondary infection by suppurative organisms.

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viz , fever, is the peculiar disease of towns, and that it is caused by

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(or atony) of the oesophagus, spasmodic contraction of the

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desirable. With regard to the prescribing of snuffs

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sary. To cause such a disease in the lungs of a sensitized being, a dos-

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years. I saw one case limited to the mouth and pharynx in an American

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which he found among us, and hoped the day was not far dis-

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Post-mortem appearances. — In examining the body of a person found burnt,

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greatly improved in a short time and have a chance of

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decennium, an increase of 51'1 per cent. It is necessary to go back to

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of the median line. Right ovary corresponds in size to a

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process of ulceration. This always required weeks, some-

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grounds for grouping the three tonsils together, for the

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as in three cases narrated by Mr H. Morris, and Drs Allen and

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cause of the great success he has obtained from it. Of twenty-four cases

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for in a Btate of nature the hair obtains the first two so

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only after going into the country and improving his

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membered that before operating the unfor- cinische Wochensehrift the following two in-

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received his third dose of antitoxin (the second dose administered intrave-

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also a groat tendency to tho roadiiesion of cauterized tissues. I

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to eighteen segments radiating away from it, in epithelial cells and lymph-

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present they are coarser and more widely separated than the fine

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function, with its attendant effect on the nerves have a hand in it.

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as to the condition. A most careful examination of the

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exposure at 11 D Street The exact date of the appearance of ery-

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Pulmonic murmurs A jJtiinionic direct murmur is not of very infrequent

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after an injury to the .<-kull i?i the region of the hit

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the expediency of a light astringent wine during pregnancy

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