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not directly interfere with the area of frac- powerful stimulus to callus formation. (15)

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May 19th. Frequent eructations of tasteless gas. Profuse night-sweats for

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streaked or bright- red from the copious capillary hemorrhages.

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nothing in somatic affections, such as general paralysis, cerebral softening,

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University of Louisiana; Visiting Physician to the Charity Hospital, New

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ments are accompanied by pain and uneasiness, and the patient

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"Diseases of Memory," paper by Dr. W. O. Dunlap, of Sedalia;

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state of action implies the development in and near the

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acrid taste, yet nothing disagreeable; the pungency is persistent,

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from them. When the character of the disease was recognized, our only resource

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is frequent and uraemia not uncommon. Huchard reports ten cases of album-

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That vibration of the ribs, which is perceptible when we

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ammonium sulphate by the addition of dry salt. A bulky precipi-

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Bishop was indeed, if not a mass of physical contradictions, yet

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count of leucocytes : Total leucocytes, 15,000. Polymorphonuclears,

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Health Service in the areas of clinical medicine, re-

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white and frothy. After the cough began, he had pain in side; the

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difficulty, often failing in the most skilled hands.

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by tetanus antitoxin. Its normal habitat is the intestinal tract of

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genitals ; it will then usually begin to cry loudly, and attention may be

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corresponds to the upper margin of Killian's bracelet. The sinus is

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polation from values given by Sorensen [1912]. It will be seen that in most

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If the diagnosis can be made in the first week of the disease, in cases

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may be quite indistinguishable from that due to refraction

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wear the truss. I now instruct all male patients to wear the

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stopping the heat. It is one of the best remedies we have for control-

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the 40° once, and once the 40° and 50^ were alike. In no case, even

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produce male or female plants. In 1880 I began, with Bronislaus