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Directory should be discontinued and this recommendation was

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Physician Northeastem Dispensary 1888 98 Secretary Baltimofc

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rtmoephere from a water closet or any imperfect drain.

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soothe the inflammatory condition to clean the skin from crusts

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looked upon him as the Sydenham of the town. His efforts

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of the Anterior Suspensory Apparatus. In this he claimed

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much were erroneous. He also wrote upon lithotomy ex

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extensive as Jackson though their distribution was not identical.

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luxation of the inferior horn of the thyroid cartilage forward from

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its present condition cA usefulness and great value. They

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while Dr. Hays considers this work as a most useful one for

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to the night air. It was very dangerous and almost certainly

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CoFFROTH Hamilton Janney. 1890. Bom at Baltimore March 17

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heart to overcome the i esistance to the movement of the blood caused

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the habenula of the left side with integrity of the commissure and

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of the homtEopathic dogmas. Now what there is left of a three legged

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urine. But perhaps the most significant feature disclosed by these

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association in the State. The meetings continued until Novem

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associated with the pharynx and ear and shows that the relative

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Apparatus 8vo 1867 Legends of the South i2mo 1869 his

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Professor Sendrail Veterinary lajor gives a good article in

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delphia Board of Health 1834 36 Professor of Materia Media

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should be actuated and take upon it the divers forms of k

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with new methods in diagnosticating and treating them

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which was named after him Haydenite he and Dr. C apin A.

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Anaxthesia is loss of sensibility. It almost never occurs irom disease

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Ear Qinic College of Physicians and Surgeons 1893 94 Lec

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versity 1884 92 Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Balti

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garments and bod clothing used during the attack had better be burned.

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Third horseflesh should be placed upon the market because a

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she is spiritually insolvent and the time has come for the civil

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bent at right angles to its shank. Most excellent results are

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University of Maryland 1828 practiced for some years and then

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near the temple of Diana where he transcribed and ar

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Continental Army while yet in his teens practiced at Newtown

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Griffith s Battalion of Flying Camp September 6 1776 Surgeon

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is diluted and which is termed the third potency. The

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ing process. It is sometimes important enough or sufficiently

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they leave only little cells and narrow ways but no Cavity

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not healing well an absc. 3 not timely emptied of its discharge the

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sion by the galvano cautery and keep the passage open by means

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raneous with its use at Cambridge Mass. by Dr. Waterhouse

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external or internal use of iodine or its salts. The author gives a

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in the reign of Queen Anne and that of George the First

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which was followed by the escape of some glutinous water.