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felt it hitch against the prostate; and having withdrawn it about

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The condition of the tongue is a very ready and excellent

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with success. He commences by pricking the skin with the

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others, but careful :ion of it at the bedside has dis-

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fistula up to the extreme point ; he then passed into the rectum

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of the ventral hooks in Uncinaria americana, er prevalent that the prognosis was poor for

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proportion of cases, rest with a scanty diet will suffice for the

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§ 234. Characterization. Rabies is an acute infectious

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7. Benjamin O., set. 30, affected with incomplete paraplegia.

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ject for a work designed to be of service to and we note that all the newer remedies

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11th. — Coughed four times in the night; slept during the inter-

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"Oh! git out wid y'r dacency. I've sane semi-natural state.

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almost every member of the same family having suffered with it.

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opposite category of diseases to that of the true fevers which

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gress, have long been looked upon as constituting the scrofula

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folding of the membrane lining the other svvoolen, the teeth sore, with the sensation

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time dwindle, and the state of the cornea improve ; but it will

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tious or epizootic disease. It is very important not to mis-

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nature and stated that in his opinion "a volatile infectious

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into the cellular tissue of the legs and abdomen. The organs are pale,

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temperature, but which may make its appearance at any time

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cysted deposits in the lungs, the virus may remain active for a

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Typhoid Fever in Cobb County, Ga. — My informant from this

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spersed. Methylene blue a7id eosin stain. N^o. 4 ocular, Smm. objective.

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The course of the disease may vary, but the continuous

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Bulletin 28. U. S. Dept. of Agr. Bureau of Animal Industry. 1901.

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occurred to all who treat inany of these affections, that although

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nor hard. I purged her first with 10 grs. mass. ex. hyd. and ol.