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similar to those of the original attack; hemolytic streptococci were
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were ascribed to allergic interstitial nephritis. Following
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was about to pass at this very time, and the ceremony of the stake was
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being first well dilated. AVool twisted upon a piece of stiff wire is passed
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they are certainly coeval with those of the cerehro-spinal system ; and are in both sys-
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The relief afforded was prompt, the cough soon losing its
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5 lbs. of gum Senegal, 5 lbs. of green sulphate of iron, and
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antiseptic dressings were used. Tlie operation lasted one hour,
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singularly free from subsequent pain. (5) Shortening
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of vision which attends looking down from a great height may
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chloroform anaesthesia, and has found in such circumstances two
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A slouirhy sinus or al)scess extended down the inner side of the thigh as
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balance himself pretty firmly for a little while. The ataxic will experience
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The essential lesions directly involve the blood. Clinical phenomena
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