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The discrepancy of this account from those given by Thomas and other
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uterine growths as fibroma, myoma, or myofibroma. Accepting
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the fajcal discharge from the artificial anus ceased, and he
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to control the fever, and as the temperature was 104° F.
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pillary circulation and organic and nutritive actions, has been
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and is not rare in that of epilepsy There is never any automatic action
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iloge of Rostan, one of the leading figures of the old Paris
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teria, some of them being, and others not, capable of encouraging giant-
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and decided that the October meeting be held in the assembly room of
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the lessons gained by past experience to prevent a return to
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tifiable to suffer the child to die, as the result of delay for the
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every faujily, whose peculiar sensitive organization does not admit
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and prescribe appropriate remedies {vide infra). In such cases
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outlying districts with no greater favor. Of such hos-
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work of the system proper is divided between thirty-two pairs
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conditions may assume various forms. Tliey suggest that a change
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Dr. Coleman : The only point that occurred to me is this : it is
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gradually became worse ; singultus came ou, and death took place.
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Chairmen of Sections: Medicine, F. A. Clarkson ; Surgery,
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ed in mucous tissues does not excite their secretory and exha-
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Laennec recognized both bronchial and pulmonary breath-
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constant uterine haemorrhage, it may be with small loss of blood, dis-
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of the depression theory have to present, except the result to
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Died. — Mrs. Emma Steene Wan stall, M. D. (B. U. '77), died at her home,
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fifteen to twenty-three years of age, and charactenzed by
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it was impossible to get medical assistance. He was
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medical schools in the State and their union with Purdue Univer-
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is as tall as the generality of our own nation ; more to the south,
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difficult and premature, and the children were idiots ; there seems little
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laryngeal inflammation is sometimes diphtheritic. (Edema of the glottis
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the afternoon, then went down and she was '^" ' , . , . r ,, , , ^ r o„
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patient department of the Boston Lying-in Hospital and the
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quiry failed to discover any family history of tuber-
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lotion, to which a little menthol and alcohol has been added, answers
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Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Google Book Search helps readers
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They will be noticed nibbling at grass, rooting a little, and even
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will be shown that a healthy mother who does not nurse