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the murmur is synchronous with the first or second heart-sound ; pauses or

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of Copenhagen, lost over 21 per cent, of his 142 cases. Fox gives to pneu-

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The illustrations in this text, with the exception of the radi-

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certain circumstances. The ideal antiseptic is yet to be devised. The

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are sometimes met with in the kidneys of those dying of typhoid fever.

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ing they are fonnd unfitted for the duties of a monthly nnrse they will not

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then packed away, and not a single person who was thus brought in imme-

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ally contains some hepatic parenchyma, which, at the peripheiy of the

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trophy takes place. The left heart is often greatly enlarged. Asa result,

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bing sounds. In this way a siiifflc friction soiiiul may hcconio double.

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neys are completely arrested, so that diaphoresis cannot be induced, or, if

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fatti/ liver, the diagnosis of which is considered in the history of that

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take place, but the escaped air is contained in a small space enclosed by ad-

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likewise has marked anesthetic properties, often attacking the surgeon's

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plished, the head of the bone will slip through the rent in

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fact that, although its free border may extend far below the free border of

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worms obstruct the intestine, constipation will come on suddenly.

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withstand the exhaustion and cachexia which it produces. Although

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The heel is not so prominent as normally, and a depression exists

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as lettuce, as the Swiss and Germans sprinkle their growing vegetables with

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of the nature of subluxations. They are common and consist of dis-

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or a i^ound or more may be expectorated at one time. Hemorrhages that

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Four in the study of the Common Law at Lincoln's Inn, London.

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all the symptoms have disappeared, and the patient have recovered within

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especially of long bones, particles of fat may be dislodged, and finally

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Chronic cystitis may be the sequela of acute cystitis or result from the

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temperature is normal, if the eruption on the trunk is of a bright color,

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recurrent chills depend on new inflammations, having their chief source in repeated purulent infections

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neighborhood. A careful examination will enable the physi-

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the capsule are numerous small flattened projections, which are, however,

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