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specimens of necrosed bone and of absorption of bone." I

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from left to right. Herr Piper apparently forgets that the

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tells me that of his last I'OO extractions at the Sheffield In-

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and another small secondary tumor involving the root of the first an-

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secretion examined, with a report each time of pure culture of the

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end to end. and which may be considered a prolongation of the in-

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of which measures 47 feet by 24 feet, have just been com-

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when the patient should at once lie down, and then repeat the dose in

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The undermentioned officers have leave of absence as specified: Sur-

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coming recognised. The case I have recorded is an example

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every night." This is the strongest possible reason for their

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on the third day of this medication, but in cases of very chronic cough

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Meanwhile, in the early stages, careful inspection may show that some

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and is best exemplified by the degenerative pains, like those so-

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irs < urioiis how often all premonitory symptoms are absent. These

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patches of subserous haBmorrhage. and the mucous mem-

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in its true form it causes no discomfort whatever, and would, therefore,

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the subject — such as provision for the poor, the doing away

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ten years old brought to me from Wappinger Falls, N. Y., who up to this

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The incubation period varies very much according to the climate,

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Mr. Jowers was elected ; and thus the first step in his life's

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cases of Excision of the Appendix Vermifoimis for Relapsing

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Scotch towns the lowest rates were 10.3 in Perth and 14.3 in Paisley,

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inflanmiation of the nerve itself after its exit from the sciatic notch.

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surgeons throughout the kingdom. The replies I have re-

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The cause of death in alcoholic cirrhosis is from brain poisoning.

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formed. In two hours the muscles under the inoculation first became-

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work fire screen which, when the current is turned on, be-

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bers. It does not appear from the accounts that the annual