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* See Journal of Eoyal Statistical Society (London) , March, 1893, and March,

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and frequently gave them this option. All those surveyed did not

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invasion of the bacillus of tuberculosis is prepared, or a latent tuber-

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Cinnamic acid has been recommended by Landerer'" and others

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The small quantities of hepatic juice withdrawn by means of a large

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It is, of course, impossible to lay down an absolute rule of what

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Baldwin and Wilder : American Journal of the Medical Sciences, June, 1899.

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cording to treatment. Cold alcohol extracts about eight per cent, of

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Hawaii Medical Journal— Vol. 45, No. 12— December 1986

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safely assume that modern gynaecologists will not grudge time spent

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equally fatal period on or about the fourth or fifth day. That

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of each of these sixteen persons, and the result was that seven of the

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be the result of an irritation by a neoplasm, an enlarged bronchial

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the mouth, is equally to be condemned. Eeich has reported ten

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as a rule at a time when the child is brought much into contact with

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Syndrome) An Historical Study from a Dermatology Practice

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management of imipramine toxicity

omentum, by accidentally entering the tear, may cause the formation

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seems to me an almost hopeless task. The filthy conditions nourish

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hysterics or neurasthenics, of young girls, whose menstrual pains of long

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the injury to violence applied to the back of the hand and wrist. In

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the bacillus tuberculosis. One in fair health, living a regular and

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and as a complication the patient, a woman, had clubbing of the

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but this is very exceptional. Not infrequently, however, lupous nod-

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Hammerscblag also obtained good results. The two last-named media

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sense can accomplish iu stami)iug out preventable disease. General

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the Paris Academy of Science, on Januarj^ 25th and July 4th, 1892,

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receive, I have selected the best, most medically timely; they are

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metres long in median line. Spleen easily brought out of incision.

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subcommittee under Health Care Costs Committee. The Health

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court for further tests, if need be ; but in many other cases no such

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cribed to the tuV)erculous phthisis. In such cases the diagnosis will

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mence on the cerebrum, and then pass to the cereliellural

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we find in venom. The difference between this process and the diges-