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Helen V. Nobel, Alfred A. Pachel, George D. Patton,
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deep inspirations. She carried out the instructions readily, and
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Administered, intramuscularly, one ampule daily. On
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even instructed Lewis and Clarke to take it with them
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where climatic changes are greatest, while the number
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serial association indicated by the numbers III and IV.
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ing, which all officers must understand, and tells how
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a child who had hives. The patient herself reacted to
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disappearance of its ill effects. Dr. Provis, of Wilton, gave an
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Committee on Defense of Medical Research: J. Parsons
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both sexes, and eight for the female sex exclusively. — Exchange.
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skillful, and well-organized medical service for the
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dress and appearance are indicative of a high moral standard.
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to obstruct the business of Group Health, to obstruct
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should be 3J4 to 4 milligrams per 100 cc., or a ratio of