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Dose : Ei^ht pills in a teaspoonful of water, night and morning, until
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difficulties attending diagnosis were such as to make it
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when the patient really has some insignificant disorder, the hypo>
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9. TTterlne Fibroids. — The class of tumors where non-
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the second, some increase of vascularity of the pia mater; a thin, milky fluid
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Dr. Williams — I think Dr. Rooms is taking a wrong view of this matter altogether. ^i^f^^
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acetic or phosphoric acids, and held in solution in the form of
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eoYering are at length perforated, circumscribed peritonitis takes place around,
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can only be owing to a reflex action of the spinal cord, originating in the integument of the
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and only in aggravated cases should we resort to either purgatives or
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tion, considering the very slight manifestation of 'the rash.
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comes opaque and soft from deposition of molecules, or from fibrillation.