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life-saving value of the Brand method in typhoid fever that he under-
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nervous impulses conveyed to it from various parts of the living organ-
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temperature, this being subject to reflex action. Cold produces a con-
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vitality and resistance to bacterial invasion are lowered increases sus-
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patient should be lightly dressed in flannels and covered with a sheet of
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one or two capsules a day, or perhaps to give the same dose but
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vexity is implicated, however, the duration is only one or two weeks.
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nosis, and in cases occurring Avhen there is no epidemic the diagnosis
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ulation. One thing remember : the bacilli of tetanus have
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believe in the efficacy of this simple remedy, and it behooves us to
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Effect of Hydriatic Applications upon the Composition of the Blood, . . 48
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frequently herpes on the lips or nose appears about this time, and
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The full benefit, however, can be obtained only by early treatment.
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for coloring purposes. Verdigris is made from the pomace
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" (a) In all febrile conditions accompanied by manifestations of
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a regular Brand bath with friction must be seen to be appreciated.
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It is probably the most flexible hydriatric measure known. By wring-
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ceive and treat every person with symptoms of looseness of the bowels
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very light or even rudimentary cases occur in which the whole course
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after drying and Swedish movements of extremities, with stroking-massage of
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government established a number of large hospitals in Phila-
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in men of middle age who violated every hygienic law appli-
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None but an expert should gather this; they may pick the
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Pruritus vulvae is very common in the pregnant woman,
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(e) The circulatory system presents no characteristic symptoms. The
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(3) The winds may transfer the poison from place to place, but trees
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cited in extenso, at this point, because they lend greater force to the
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influence, the complication being most marked between ten and forty
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Dog; morphine; slight ether. Manometer, left femoral; kymo-
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