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6. The urine of a person taking full doses of citrate
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record of a htmdred cases of stone treated by crush-
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position in which commissioners and inspectors might
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bility of accumulation of carbonic acid. I myself in-
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tivity of the Society, as shown by the balance-sheet,
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masses, as there ai-e vessels tied. Fui-ther, they (3)
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dispose of our surjilus too hastily ; and am content to
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•when our distinguished brother. Dr. Browm-Sequard,
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bine with his researches a chemical inquiry into the
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Theee ai-e few diseases, the treatment of which has
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bodies would apply for amendments ; and the opposi-
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These were the years 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72,
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1. Report of the Northampton Lunatic Asylum for 18fi4.
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The Griffin Testimonial Fund. — Sir: The following subscrip-
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fii-st saw the patient, and the remainder of her ill-
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amnion fluid, etc. To partly obviate this evil, it has
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free edge of one flap of the mitral valve. I make no
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physiological facts, likewise afford substantial e\-idence
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here given is just of the same kind as that which is
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me high up in his left arm, and with his right level-
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disease. How far the relief thus obtained may prove
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occurring, on the average, to the number of eighteen
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while we hear of no such thing here ; I cannot per-
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flannels ; the diet being a mild milk one. I have in
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manifestly a part of the Association ; for the Associa-
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he observed still at the spot a moisture of the skin. I recom-
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James Earle, who opened the head of a man that had died,
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ing it, and swaying its course, and the iron steamer,
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