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And we even commend to Legislative consideration the dangers constantly

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Both observation and experiment show that there is within

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very worthy of a typographical dress. There are many sayings in it so

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consultation was had, at an early period. The patient, after

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men we think we hear this grumbling, while in reality we only feel the

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and nose daring the pain and withdrawing it during the interval,

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and out of the left angle of mouth. Sent home well,

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tem more of a shock, than would the operation of venesection. Made

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6. Diptheritis. — Observations commenced by M. Blache, and continued by

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13. In attempting to establish the diagnosis of a foreign body inihe ait-

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Here is a practicable, tangible plan of reformation. Let us try and perfect

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relations to them of the foetal head. He should always operate

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On the eighth day the sutures were removed by snipping with

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whatever existed of an opposite or defective nature.

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that in twenty of one hundred women, indiscriminately select-

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naked eye. Any appearance therefore of mucus easily visible

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the whole diffiulty is in the sentient, extremities of the sensory nerves, and

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This appears to have been the result, as the urine did not pass

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hypophosphorous acid will undoubtedly occupy one of the most important

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seems not less evident. To illustrate the truth of both these postu-

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P. M., I gave him seven drops of the saturated tincture (of phos-

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cancerous. Out of the r^^maining seventy-six only seventeen

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viewed from the distance of several hundred miles the ravages of death, and

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none of which, although given the fairest trial, did I receive the slightest

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any material received into the system, from extrinsic sources;

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The art of the "mixer" has become scientific by the aid of the

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internal carotid artery is wounded by a piece of tobacco pipe thrust

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tion above indicated, the limb was now brought down slowly to-

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Da pater augurium, atque animis illabere nostris ! " and signed*,

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the Medical Sciences^ new series, vol. sv.) The mere external

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seriously exercises the senior editor of the Peninsular Journal ; and

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relates a case of congenital absence of the pericardium in a person

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sensation of heaviness and of general fullness which result from

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ings very different from those which prompted me to do so in Scoresby^s

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We were called to a patient in labor, with shoulder presenta-

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All those symptoms were greatly aggravated periodically, when

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the redness and itching attending the growth of these tumors to

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tions have been exhausted, whilst the one under notice, is the fifth