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him to prescribe or act for the patient. Section 12 de
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exhibited by Dr. Sayre s patient. It was in the popli
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tion may remain and the physical signs be unchanged
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comprehensive data to show the important role played
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bacteria had diminished to one or two on a slide the
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And two successive observations at about the same level
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common but in which no eruption nor any of the special symptoms of
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states that locomotor ataxy general paralysis of the
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sies on the insane alterations of the endocrine glands
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quired the vacancies were easily filled up but where
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should always verify their references. He states that
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times and more rarely such effusions are bloody in which
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incisure of the thyroid cartilage. The separation of
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volume and rhythm of the heart and the condition of
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would be found. He regarded infantile paralysis as es
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the great curvature of the stomach across the trans
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and gives hepatic and splenic extracts and bile salts.
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terminal bronchi with their dichotomous bronchioli
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vades the large joints. We frequently see it affect
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tuberculosis patients would be found to possess definite
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sons should be depressed by the thought that they m
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s ide. From this a small drop of mingled culture and
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