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as the causative factor is masked by a smoke screen
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.servation at the camps, were found to be sufifering
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88 ; temperature, 99° ; respiration, 40. Was given twenty grains
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spreads toward the centre ; that posterior pole and
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chronic cases were really cases of psoitis, in the proper sense of
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ward as the exciting cause of Goitre, although no attempt has ever
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tatitis the whole organ may be enlarged or one lobe
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of spring hay fever to the fall hay fever was seven
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order to open it. The crew eat their meals on adjust-
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after a mild influenza of short duration. The local
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ball by the aid of a probe, I thrust a grooved director under the skin as far as it
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has a peculiar odour, and the latter contains much free carbonic
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moderate degree, with jjaresis of the gastrocnemius,
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cal spirochetes in films made from the blood during
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its use in early cases that have failed to respond to
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upon the "vital energy" of the kidiiev secreting cells
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the brain, the cartilage, the bone, nor the muscular
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the presence of focal infections, and by eliminating
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out by the aspirator. I had hoped that Dr. Hyde would have
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with either acute or chronic inflammation of one of
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cause in each case they represented the reaction of
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ment consists in aft'ording a wider route of egress
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seen a child exhibit only moderate, occasional fever,
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of secimdines. It is to be used in conjunction with
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ape very considerable in the great majority of instances. It is
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scalpel. The postoperative period was entirely free
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was a direct extension from a laryngeal and tracheal
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recurred, and he bled again largely ; again relief was obtained,
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It has even been proposed that supervisory power shall be
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is the result of injury to the fifth and sixth cervical
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an expectorant. Of these seven hundred and fifty cases, six
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rifts of the limestone ; while the lower levels of the valley are com-
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which the imperfect scoria? assumes, is occasioned by the sulphur con-
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demanding special professional acquirements, on a par with