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noticed that the inhalation of chloroform relieved the dsypnoea.

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Epileptic in Queen's Square for three months, and at the end


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Paget (Stephen), case of acute suppuration in a chronic gouty

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finally exploded the error of Leeuwenhoek that those of the

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of fat existed; cutting through this at the anterior

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over his chest, that his respiration was much impeded from the

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the original incision to the extent in all of fully 12 inches, in

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daily for gradually longer periods. From the fourth day he

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power; and, policies that would promote different modalities

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of the external carotid artery. There are also lymphatic glands

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of the two radii is the same. Flexion and extension can only

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individuals. Ordinarily, a Keogh plan permits up to $7,500

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loss in the vis a tergo. It is significant that the lad had been

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in reality flat bodies ; Leeuwenhoek and others have allowed

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had frequently had similar attacks, for which he could not

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of nuclei ; and it has been noticed in the Introduction how sagaciously

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responsible for all services for the mentally ill, the retarded and the

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After operation he regained his health, his water became quite

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therapeutic trial with isoniazid and ethambutol was begun.

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upon the surface of the gut, it generally ran forward without

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THE patient, who is also the subject of pulmonary phthisis,

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have been said to be those which offer a reasonable hope of

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In a few days there was slight general improvement. The

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vasculitis. 16 This disease should be considered in any patients

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They are soft, oeiematous, greyish-red except when deeply pigmented.

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blood of a person whose crassamentum had an inflammatory

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The Commissioner of Health now actively is seeking our

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also to the Martland Hospital in-patient Forensic Team. The

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Having bled a person with a violent rheumatic pain in his

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(5) Increased to cover higher expenses anticipated under the in-

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ment pressure with both strengths of timolol. There were no

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Wasdin, Eugene, Assistant .Surgeon — To proceed to

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Although Hewson^s merit, as a physiologist, is generally

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fresh-drawn human blood ; the vesicle assumed this globular

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later. 14 Traumatic cholecystitis simulates the usual signs

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could be traced by a painful line in the inside of the thigh in

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only clear-cut indication for tonsillectomy known in 1978

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ter gets into the lymphatic system, it can only be by absorp-

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blood with a stick, so as to collect this substance on the stick,

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W'hereas, family practice provides not only primary care,