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as a homogeneous mass very deeply coloured by the ordinary stains.
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or exposure to some other exhausting or debilitating cause.
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and the patient should then be given the benefit of the doubt for
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merest hazard writes Dr. Walshe in this point of view the story of
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Davis Philadelphia reported cases. In the latter s case the
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increased the cost of such highly sophisticated medicine.
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XL. Treatment of Chronic Purulent Otitis Media With Illus
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ever the cocaine was applied the disagreeable sensation in the
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ritis although they are occasionally seen. Uraemic deafness is rare although
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To the Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of New
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management. Goethe Schwartz and Szarek report on the
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dence of returning nlceration should be watched for. Should such
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powder taken with cassia dissolved and washed Venice tur
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the handle being merely supported by the thumb and forefinger placed lightly
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tempts to extract foreign l odies from the urethra.
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frequency with which the members of the same class become obese
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sile parts of the organ instead of the least so. The
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hieinorrhago patulous os etc. otherwise it was as a rule safe
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of tlie abdominal organs and the occasional subserous
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in New York City temporarily to Captain Henry Johnson
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able to yourself In our practice as a physician we strive at
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whether because of debt after moving from residency into
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bacilli found in the cerumen take the same stain as the tubercle
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the growth into view proving its extra conjunctival origin. Its con