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tions, including amputations, resections and disarticulations, amounted
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'sidered bad surgery. Injudicious interference is to be reprobated; but
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DIAGNOSIS. The spasms of tetany are so characteristic that usually
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and characterized by the expulsion of an arborescent cast of a bronchus
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indifference are the characteristics of the somnolent state, yet the patient
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venesection should be resorted to at once. We have seen life saved by the
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good and permanent results," but subsequently by sponge-tents.
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suggest chronic disease of the kidney, or the latter may be found, as in
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alternately exposed and covered with the changes of the tide, it may
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we have confirmed by observation, that going into a high mountainous
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mation of a clot on exposure to the air, and the sediment contains cylin-
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material the less numerous the bacilli 5 but it is maintained, on the other
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sac shows communicating sacculi, the dilated calices, at the bottom of
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peated at intervals of half an hour, care being taken that the whole
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eyesight leads to a physical examination of the heart or retina, revealing
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mand temporary cessation of the treatment. If the glandular swellings
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organic sensibility. All excesses, or all articles of food whidbi, under
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Art. U.— Cholera. By M. H. Houston, M. D., Richmond, Va.
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farther removed from the acid, disappearing on the addition of heat, as
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plained by any condition of the lungs. Delirium is very common ; in the
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ances, and in the local application of mild stimulating solutions. The
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True sexual excitement is never present, but painful priapism may last
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Especially in the advanced stages, not only comfort but also distinct ad-
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the integrity of the digestive apparatus, and in selecting the place of
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of regularity, malarial disease should be suspected, and an examination
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be preceded or accompanied by a fever, represented by disturbance of
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diabetes takes place in the advanced stage of this affection, the prognosis
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of the chest and abdomen, and the scrotum. Eventually fluid appears
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by frequent movements of the bowels, as typhoid fever, dysentery, and
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imperfect, the points of the fingers will not come in contact.
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cal signs are not limited to the lobar structure of the lung. When the